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In part 1, I talked about some of the equipment in my home office, and the minor changes I was working on but that were delayed by a shipment error. I'm happy to say that all the (correct) parts for my Uplift fixed height standing desk are here!

Let's discuss ...... 🤔 We have MongoDB Atlas for MongoDB and it provides 512mb of storage.

In this week’s video from the NODES 2019 conference, Brandon Campbell and Kelson Smith use Neo4j to solve a ‘who done it?’ problem.

Last year Azure SQL Database Managed Instance saw the introduction of bring your own key (BYOK) functionality for transparent data encryption (TDE). This functionality has been in the singleton database version of Azure SQL Database for a while longer and you can read about how to use that here.

Business intelligence (BI) tools are undergoing massive disruption. The powerful integration of artificial intelligence (AI) frameworks like natural language processing and automated predictive insights are transforming what BI can do for businesses.

In this 70 minute livestream recording, I kick the tires of a fresh new Azure DevOps demo environment showing Redgate’s Hybrid Model for SQL Source Control and SQL Change Automation. I had ju…

This is a fun article that shows six films where Hollywood takes on SQL and data analysts. Policemen, doctors, lawyers, scientists, teachers: these are the professions that we often see in Hollywood movies.

When I tell people that they can use MySQL without SQL they tend to be skeptical. But with the MySQL Document Store you can do just that with a new NoSQL API and in this case there is no structured query language.

Please present some process and code for collecting time series data from the internet for insertion into SQL Server. Also, reveal how to add new time series data from the internet to an existing set of time series data in SQL Server.

When I reviewed CockroachDB early in 2018, I found that the distributed SQL database, built on top of a transactional and consistent key-value store, was designed to survive disk, machine, rack, and even data center failures with minimal latency disruption and no manual intervention.

Relational databases, data lakes, and NoSQL data stores are powerful at inserting, updating, querying, searching, and processing data. But the ironic aspect of working with data management platforms is they usually don’t provide robust tools or user interfaces to share what’s inside them.

26th Jan 2020

Relational databases, data lakes, and NoSQL data stores are powerful at inserting, updating, querying, searching, and processing data. But the ironic aspect of working with data management platforms is they usually don’t provide robust tools or user interfaces to share what’s inside them.

At Data Céilí 2020 we want to be as green as possible and one idea we’ve had is to run a Green Track that will host remote sessions from speakers around the world. This track will allow speakers to present without clocking up the associated air miles.

For big database servers (used for consolidating multiple databases) with a lot of memory and a lot of preallocated free HugePages it’s important to take into consideration the number of free HugePage for capacity planning .

Welcome back to the MongoDB Schema Design Patterns series. Last time we looked at the Polymorphic Pattern which covers situations when all documents in a collection are of similar, but not identical, structure. In this post, we’ll take a look at the Attribute Pattern.

26th Jan 2020

The DB-Engines Ranking ranks database management systems according to their popularity. The ranking is updated monthly. Read more about the method of calculating the scores.

25th Jan 2020

Now with a new five day format we return to London in 2020, for a marathon of top quality training from global specialists. At a time of change if you want to learn about the new paradigms in data platforms, SQLBits is the place.

Organizations that embraced the option to run Microsoft SQL Server 2017 on Linux have been looking forward to the release of SQL Server 2019.

Welcome to this week’s tips and tricks blog where we recap some distributed SQL questions from around the Internet. We’ll also review upcoming events, new documentation and blogs that have been published since the last post.

A couple of times a year, I disconnect from the Internet to sit down with a planning book, my Epic Life Quest, and my future task list. I spend time making sure my day-to-day tasks are still prioritized right.

The steps and process behind building a great technical presentation.

"Waitstats helps us identify performance-related counters. But waits information by itself isn't enough to accurately diagnose performance problems. The queues component of our methodology comes from Performance Monitor counters, which provide a view of system performance from a resource standpoint.

One of the most popular questions I often receive during Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check is which are the third-party tools I use in my daily routine and I recommend them. Here is the updated list for January 2020 of all the tools which I recommend.

Splunk is a search engine for collecting and analyzing all sorts of "machine data", including log data and metrics for SQL Server. SQL Monitor gives you the detailed diagnostic view of all your SQL Server instances, and databases.

In SQL Server, when one session holds locks on a particular resource such as a table, row or key and a second session needs to obtain locks on the same resource, the second session may need to wait for the first session to release the needed locks before proceeding with the process.

When building indexes often the default options are used to create an index which creates the index in ascending order. This is usually the most logical way of creating an index, so the newest data or smallest value is at the top and the oldest or biggest value is at the end.

Data is everywhere, but using data to build modern applications that create business value is far from easy. That’s why IBM Cloud Pak for Data teamed up with MongoDB to accelerate the process from ingestion to insight.

MariaDB Day is a complementary event to MySQL, MariaDB and Friends, giving an opportunity to more speakers and for more in-depth MariaDB coverage. Attendance is free, but space is limited, so please RSVP on the Meetup page if you plan to attend.

From the initial release, one of the biggest complaints I had about Group Replication is that it allowed “stale” reads and there was no way to prevent them or to even know that you read “stale” data. That was a huge limitation.

23rd Jan 2020

Yeah, I surf in dark mode. I’m a dark kinda guy. But wait – what’s that colored box? ENHANCE! I could make jokes here, but … every single thing in that caution is true. SQL Server really does typically select the best execution plan for a query, like 99.