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This is the 10th article in the series for SQL Server Always On Availability Groups. In this series, we configured the SQL Server Always On Availability Groups beginning from virtual server build. Always On provides a robust high availability and disaster recovery solution in SQL Server.

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  • Rajendra Gupta

In the following blog, you will learn how to install the latest version of the MariaDB Server 10.5.5 on CentOS 8 and how to use the mariadb user & binaries instead of mysql.

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  • Saïd Mendi

It is almost that time of year again for everyone’s favorite automation event! 2020 has given us our fair share of change (and then some). But we’re not just facing new challenges. We’re adapting to them and innovating to overcome them together.

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  • Elle Lathram

This blog post outlines the 10 simple steps necessary to provision, and connect to, a VM on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

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  • Maria Colgan

Now we are all working from home, I’ve noticed that my MAC laptop is severely overloaded when I do live demos during webinars. After all, it’s running my camera, Zoom, PowerPoint, my Java app, and monitoring tools.

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  • Maria Colgan

We are starting to deploy SQL Server on Linux for our new applications. I have only been a Windows Server administrator and have not had any opportunity to work with Linux, but I am familiar with PowerShell for managing Windows and SQL Server. Can I work with PowerShell on Linux?

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  • Edwin Sarmiento

When building a modern data platform in the Azure cloud, you are most likely going to take advantage of Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2 as the storage medium for your data lake.

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  • Ryan Kennedy

Editor’s Note: This presentation was given by David Allen at NODES 2019. Allen performs a Single Node and Cluster demonstration showcasing Halin’s essential features for a user’s Neo4j system health and performance.

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  • David Allen

Many people consider recursive queries a difficult topic. Still, they enable you to do things that would otherwise be impossible in SQL. This articles gives a simple introduction with examples and shows the differences to Oracle’s implementation of recursive queries.

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  • Laurenz Albe

Microservices offer clear advantages for cloud-based applications where scalability and portability are non-negotiables. One of the biggest challenges for developers creating microservices is the complexity that results from being forced to use special-purpose databases.

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  • Sanjay Goil

One of the most common questions our clients ask us is, “can we save money migrating to an open-source database like PostgreSQL or MongoDB?” The answer is simple: yes. Before we dive into the details, it’s important to note that “open source” does not mean free.

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  • Richard Cookson

In Percona Kubernetes Operator for Percona XtraDB Cluster (PXC) versions prior to 1.5.0, there were two methods for upgrading PXC clusters, and both of these use built-in StatefulSet update strategies.

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  • Tomislav Plavcic

Data structures are essential components in creating fast and powerful algorithms. They help to manage and organize data.

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  • Huyen Pham

Enterprise customers often have legacy applications running on an older variant of databases, which impedes the applications’ scalability. In this high-speed cloud computing world, businesses are anxiously looking for solutions to migrate these databases to the cloud.

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Migration databases is not easy. In this article, we will compare two various tools for migrating from SQL Server to MySQL. Migrating data between different types of databases is not a trivial task. In this article, we will compare two various tools for migrating from SQL Server to MySQL.

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  • Dmitry Narizhnykh

Emily Kurze leads partner marketing at InfluxData. She has worked in open source communities – including Hyperledger and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation – since 2014.

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  • Emily Kurze

11th Aug 2020

13 mins

Many people with tech careers did not follow a straight path to get there. In this article, Pamela Mooney gives some advice for those who would like to be a DBA.

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  • ANTS Performance Profiler

To illustrate this problem a little bit better, I need to use a slightly different query. While a tidy group by was nice to illustrate some of the simpler points about lookups, it overly complicates things when we want to involve other columns.

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  • Erik Darling

11th Aug 2020

4 mins

Welcome to the final part in our tour of what’s new in MongoDB 4.4. In part 1, we announced that MongoDB 4.4 is now generally available and ready for production usage. We also covered enhancements to the MongoDB Query Language (MQL) and drivers.

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In this ninth article in the series on DB2 Locking for Application Developers, which provides information about coding your application not only for data integrity, which is the principle focus of this series of articles, but also for performance and concurrency, taking into account the transaction

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  • Gareth Copplestone-Jones

The solution is simple but its creation was enormously complex: Hamburg-based Kubermatic (formerly Loodse) says organizations can now use its Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform to automate the provisioning and lifecycle management of services and applications across Kubernetes clusters in multicloud env

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  • B. Cameron Gain

11th Aug 2020

9 mins

The term NewSQL was coined in 2011 by 451 Group analyst Matthew Aslett. Learn more about what exactly NewSQL means. The term NewSQL was coined in 2011 by 451 Group analyst Matthew Aslett.

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  • Stephen Goldberg

11th Aug 2020

6 mins

A method is called by its name but it is associated with an object (dependent). It is implicitly passed to an object on which it is invoked. It may or may not return any data. A method can operate the data (instance variables) that is contained by the corresponding class.

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  • Sairam Uppugudla

Full-Text Search refers to techniques for searching text content within a document or a collection of documents that hold textual content.

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  • Abhinav Dangeti

MySQL has had replication for decades but the various options can be confusing. One social media post I read recently could be summarized with the statement 'there are too many good options but how do I know which is right for me?'

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  • Dave Stokes

If you plan for example to have a bastion host in the cloud to access all your MySQL servers and use only MySQL Shell, the first time you connect to one of the host, you will realize that MySQL Shell prompts for a password but doesn’t ask you to store it of not.

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  • lefred

Almost every organisation that I interact with wants a high availability system for PostgreSQL. This clearly depicts an active trend toward an increase in utilising PostgreSQL for critical business applications.

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  • Hamid Akhtar

In one of the previous blogs we discussed a possible DBaaS environment built with ClusterControl as the deployment and management platform for the databases.

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  • Krzysztof Ksiazek

PostgreSQL allows logging slow queries to a file, with a configured query duration threshold. Parsing the slow log with tools such as EverSQL Query Optimizer will allow you to quickly locate the most common and slowest SQL queries in the database.

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Well designed databases are normalized to reduce the redundancy. Read this article to learn how to join normalized tables effortlessly in Java using semantic joins. Well designed databases are normalized to reduce the redundancy.

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  • Mislav Milicevic