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8th Jul 2020

The ScyllaDB team announces the release of Scylla Manager 2.1.1, a production-ready Scylla Manager patch release of the stable Scylla Manager 2.1 branch. As always, Scylla Manager customers and users are encouraged to upgrade to Scylla 2.1.1 in coordination with the Scylla support team.

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  • Tzach Livyatan

MariaDB Cluster consists of MariaDB Server with Galera Cluster and MariaDB MaxScale. As a multi-master replication solution, any MariaDB Server with Galera Cluster can operate as a primary server.

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  • Ashraf Sharif

Building on the success of Oracle’s Exadata Cloud@Customer service over the last three years, Oracle announced the availability of Oracle Autonomous Database on Exadata Cloud@Customer.

  • oracle.com

In this article, take a look at using Docker network to take advantage of container isolation features. We very often use a container for the deployment of a microservices application/java app.

  • dzone.com
  • Alok Ranjan Meher

Get a cheatsheet full of ways to improve your database ingest (INSERT) performance and speed up your time-series queries using PostgreSQL. Ingest performance is critical for many common PostgreSQL use cases, including application monitoring, application analytics, IoT monitoring, and more.

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  • Mike Freedman

We are excited to announce that DigitalOcean Managed Databases now supports PostgreSQL 12! PostgreSQL is arguably the world’s most advanced open source relational database, and it has been the bedrock of numerous applications for the past few decades.

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  • André Bearfield

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll first learn which threat each of the subsystems addresses. Second, you’ll learn which parts probably differ, by convention, to other databases you know.

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  • David Quilty

Software development and delivery is an ever-changing landscape. Writing software was once an art form all its own, where you could write and deploy machine code with singleness of purpose and no concern for things like connecting to other computers.

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  • Woody Walton

Ever wanted to extend MySQL and add some feature you think it is missing?  With MySQL plugins, you can do exactly that.  One thing that has bothered me for several years is that you cannot easily retrieve system metrics from within MySQL.

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  • Michael Patrick

You can do so much with slicing and indexing in Python! Here are some of my favorite tricks: If you have a list say animals = ['cat', 'dog', 'squirrel','mouse','dolphin'] and you want to grab the last value you could use animals[len(animals - 1)].

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A vulnerability has been discovered in F5 BIG-IP Traffic Management User Interface (TMUI), which could allow for remote code execution. F5's BIG-IP is a family of products covering software and hardware designed around application availability, access control, and security solutions.

  • cisecurity.org

Prescriptive guidance for Check Point Firewall, provides prescriptive guidance for establishing a secure configuration posture for Check Point Firewall versions R75.x – 80.x installed on Gaia Platform. The guide was tested against Check Point R80.10 installed on Gaia.

  • cisecurity.org

Visual Studio Code is a popular text editor or code editor to write queries and codes for developers. It is popularly known as VS code. It can highlight and format the code for quick development and understanding purposes.

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  • Rajendra Gupta

If you missed out on my online class, I’m offering two more dates for it in July. You can catch all the goodness of Premium Performance Tuning on July 10th and 24th.

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  • Erik Darling

Your success is important to us! Investing in MongoDB training pays off, whether you’re an individual building your own skills or a manager providing learning resources for your team. Instructor-led training is the fastest way to improve your team's skills.

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In this article, I am going to explain how we can easily debug Python scripts using the Visual Studio (VS) Code. In my previous article on this topic, I have explained how to set up a development environment to start coding in Python.

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  • Aveek Das

24/7 Production Support Developer Support Remote DBA for PostgreSQL PostgreSQL Database Monitoring PostgreSQL Health Check PostgreSQL Performance Tuning Database Security Audit Upgrade PostgreSQL PostgreSQL Migration Assessment Migrate from Oracle to PostgreSQL

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  • Liaqat Andrabi

SQL Change Automation makes automation simple enough that it can adapt to suit many different approaches to SQL Server database development.

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  • ANTS Performance Profiler

This article is the fourth part in a series on table expressions. In Part 1 and Part 2 I covered the conceptual treatment of derived tables. In Part 3 I started covering optimization considerations of derived tables.

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  • Itzik Ben-Gan

Yesterday, one of the developers was having a problem and emailed to ask what was going on. They sent me a section of code from an old trigger that included some date handling that looked “interesting”.

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  • Tim...

Keeping up with the educational requirements of supporting multi-platform database environments can be challenging to say the least. One way to help address this issue is to use a standardized support tool such as DBArtisan that lets you manage and administer multiple database platforms from a unified interface.

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Scylla is a highly performant, scalable, distributable and reliable database. Yet even the most reliable of databases can suffer from catastrophic unplanned outages (such as in the underlying infrastructure). That’s why it is vital to keep backups.

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  • Aleksandar Jankovic

Every startup has a choice: Begin building with something familiar (Postgres, MySQL…) or begin building with something new (CockroachDB). Using a familiar database means that engineers can hit the ground running and begin building on a trustworthy platform.

  • cockroachlabs.com
  • Dan Kelly

7th Jul 2020

At the moment, we hear a lot about how businesses need to become data-driven to remain competitive, how business need to understand their customer’s needs and quickly deliver value to those customers. But how do you do that?

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  • Maria Colgan

The first step of working with any software is getting it installed. Based on your environment, this could be as easy as a one-click installer, or require a manual that's hundreds of pages long with thousands of config bits to tune.

  • info.crunchydata.com
  • James Chanco Jr.

Elasticsearch powers search experiences for so many tools and apps used today, from operational analytics dashboards to maps showing the closest restaurants with patios so you can get out of the house.

  • elastic.co
  • Tomas Della Vedova

If you’re a Python developer—and since you’re reading this, you probably are—you’ve almost certainly used Redis and thought it was a great cache. (That was my first impression, too.) And Redis does make a great cache.

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  • Guy Royse

WARP is based on Fastbit, which is currently version 2, and is used in production in a number of large scientific applications, such as grid computing analysis of particle accelerator data, working with genomic data, and other applications. WARP has been tested by a variety of alpha users.

  • swanhart.livejournal.com

In this article, we will demonstrate specific ways to automate table partitioning in SQL Server. This article aims to help you avoid manual table activities of partition maintenance by automating it with T-SQL scripts and SQL Server jobs.

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  • Jignesh Raiyani

Deleting and updating data is very common, but if performed without taking care, which could lead to inconsistent data or data loss. Today, we’ll talk about SQL best practices when performing deletes and updates.

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  • Emil Drkusic